Our Story

Our commitment to humankind

HUGENX was founded in 2016 to develop healthcare technology solutions that would change current healthcare systems for the better. We are proudly committed to improving global human health.

A portmanteau for Human Gene Exploration Technologies, HUGENX is a means to implement our dream; a dream to cure and care, to analyze and assure, to reflect and predict, and to isolate and integrate the entire gamut of healthcare on a singular digital shelf. All of this is a means to improve global human health.

Our People

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Tackling healthcare is a big challenge, but it's one we're up for. As such, we've built and continue to build a team of extraordinary individuals. At HUGENX, we look for individuals who don’t shy away from an opportunity because it’s difficult. Our team executes with excellence and we are constantly striving to elevate our craft as part of our commitment to making better healthcare for humankind.

Our Work

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When taking on a task as big as changing healthcare, we believe enough is never enough. That means staying curious about major technology innovations and building upon those findings. We seek discomfort to never stop growing and strive to push the boundaries of healthcare technology every day we come to work.

Our Culture

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We believe that anyone with passion, vision, and perseverance can make a positive impact. From that philosophy, we believe that each of our exceptional team members is responsible for their own work and social impact, both the process and the outcome of those actions.