Laboratory Information System

Full-featured, rapid deployment

HUGENX LIS is the ultimate laboratory information system for diagnostics labs. It connects every part of your lab on one simple yet powerful platform. Accessible from anywhere and updated in real-time, our LIS gives everyone on your team the right tools to diagnose more cases fast and accurately.

We understand what makes a laboratory efficient, scalable, and successful. Our LIS doesn’t simply increase efficiency by deploying automation; we generate insightful patient reports, facilitate workflow adjustments and drive innovation by letting you get on with urgent, specialized work.

HUGENX LIS offers labs a convenient solution to seamlessly integrate ancillary molecular and pathology tests into their workflows for a single case, generating a unified report automatically.

Ensure Quality Testing
By leveraging HUGENX LIS, laboratories can achieve eligibility for the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program and attain the highest levels of patient care excellence. Moreover, HUGENX LIS helps ensure CLIA compliance for laboratories through its dependable and secure workflows that guarantee consistent, high-quality testing results.
Comprehensive Audits
HUGENX LIS undergoes continuous enhancement and rigorous auditing by our internal ISO-trained auditor as well as our clients. It comprises a set of well-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) that regulate the complete software development cycle. It also incorporates online systems that track and record all software modifications.
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Let HUGENX LIS streamline your workflow for
Instrument & Software Integration
With our nimble REST API, HUGENX LIS effortlessly integrates with instruments and downstream systems such as EMR, EHR and Clinical Billing software. Error free, electronic and automated reporting of results is made possible through seamless integration with CDC/CSTE/FEMA and other e-reporting tools for bi-directional data transfer. With HUGENX LIS, you’ll have faster turnaround times and reduced transcription errors.
Reliable Business Intelligence
HUGENX LIS is a powerful solution that helps you manage your laboratory data and workflows with ease and efficiency. Leverage the power of business intelligence to gain insights into your laboratory performance, quality, and productivity. Our flagship LIS integrates with your existing systems and devices seamlessly, without any hassle or disruption. And you can deploy HUGENX LIS quickly and securely, with minimal IT support and maintenance.
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HUGENX Complete Connectivity diagram
Complete Connectivity
All stakeholders can track and manage the data related to samples, tests, and results anywhere, anytime with the aid of HUGENX LIS. By doing so, operational expenses are decreased, reaction times are sped up, and every aspect of health economics is optimized.

Diagnostic testing laboratory workflow

Batch Accessioning
Receive Tests
Conduct Tests
Isolate Viral RNA
Specimen Disposal


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  • Conforms to regulatory guidelines and standards including CLIA, HIPAA, GCP, EU GDPR, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 15189:2012, ISO 20387:2018
  • Test reports in compliance with the FDA and CDC reporting guidelines
  • A self-serve client portal to enable physicians to place diagnostic test requests, track request status in real-time, download test reports and invoices
  • Audit trails, data integrity management workflows, configurable security and permissions


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  • Sample accessioning
  • Specimen tracking
  • Barcode labeling
  • Batch reports release
  • Min & max accessioning
  • Client management
  • Patient management
  • Order code management
  • Adhoc reporting
  • Result code management
  • Panel management
  • Reference ranges
  • Custom data entry screen
  • Multiple delivery options
  • Paperless e-requisition
  • Client test panels
  • Reflex testing
  • QNS report
  • Test results capture
  • TAT tracking
  • Requisition correction tracking
  • Role based access control
  • Audit trail
  • Cloud based
  • Single repository for all data
  • Multiple data entry options
  • ICD-10 compatibility
  • Communications
  • Laboratory dashboard
  • Auto release
  • Electronic orders
  • Electronic results
  • Specimen labeling with barccodes
  • Specimen tracking
  • Patient result PDF reporting


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  • Digital pathology
  • Mutli-facility support
  • Client portal
  • Automatic fax distribution
  • Custom report templates
  • Instrument integration
  • EHR integration
  • Offsite accessioning
  • Billing provider integration
  • Fax integration
  • Custom requisition templates
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